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Some best ways to sell and buy old mobile phones online in Nigeria

Are you seeking ways to get rid of your old phone? This is the right guide for you, and we can assist you with this. There are numerous options for selling your old electronics, including computers, tablets, mobile phones, and sometimes even video games. If you want to update to a new smartphone this year and have an old smartphone lying around that is not used, you can sell it to make some money to help you with your new buy. There are many Best Website to Sell Old Phone, and you may get rid of an old smartphone in various ways, including selling it or recycling it.

If you decide to sell your old smartphone, there are several choices available to you where you can easily sell your old mobile phones in the online marketplace-


Cashify is the simplest method to Buy Old Mobile Phones Online, tablets, or laptop online. The website makes it simple to browse online and provides information on the smartphone variant, device state, difficulties, and other characteristics. Based on the information given, the website will instantly and quickly determine a good price for the smartphone or item they are willing to offer.

You could even choose how you would like to be paid: you can have the money moved straight to your bank account, or you can be delivered in a voucher redeemable on one of their partner websites.

Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is extremely similar to online marketplace services like Olx and Quikr, which allow you to list a smartphone with its specifications, photos, and other information. If a person browsing the marketplace finds your listing appealing, they can call you and complete the transaction.

This method also provides you access to the marketplace, giving you more options for buyers. Still, the procedure is time-consuming because it requires a user to find your listing, including the condition and expected price. Following this procedure, you will need to arrange a suitable time to meet and examine the device’s state.


When it comes to Best Website to Sell Old Phone, eBay’s next best place to go; it boasts one of the world’s greatest audiences, which increases your opportunity to sell almost anything. If something goes wrong, eBay will assist you in getting your money back. This is why people tend to believe it. Marketplace on the internet when it comes to selling outdated phones, eBay is a popular option, and if you time it perfectly, you may avoid paying listing costs.

There are two methods to sell your phone: utilizing the auction format or advertising it with a ‘buy it now’ pricing (which allows you to establish a fixed sale price). You can also include a ‘best offers’ option, enabling bidders to offer you prices.

The store also offers some fundamental selling advice, such as conducting preliminary research to compare costs for similar or identical products displayed on the platform.


OCBuyBack, a California-based company, uses a wide range of electronics, including tablets, iPods, and smartphones. You can exchange your phone for one from Apple, Google, One Plus, or Samsung.

The procedure is straightforward:

  • Obtain an immediate offer based on your phone and description.
  • Send your phone in using the given shipping label.
  • Receive payment within two business days of its arrival.

After paying you, the corporation must inspect the phone’s condition to ensure that it fits your original description. Remember that you’ll get to keep 100% of your winnings, with no fees deducted. All payments made through OCBuyBack are made by check or PayPal.


u-Snapp is the most convenient way to buy and sell things in Nigeria. Users can list a wide range of products, including automobiles, electronics, clothing, laptops, phones, household items, and real estate. There are no posting or selling costs, and buyers contact vendors via In-App chat. uSnapp is a free app that allows you to sell your things in seconds.

The simple and easy software makes it simple to purchase and sell products locally in Nigeria without having to open a shop. All transactions are completed through in-app chat, ensuring that users can buy and sell safely. There are no costs associated with listing or selling a home. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store or by visiting

When selling your old mobile smartphone to the customer, there are other things to pay attention to.

What is your price range for your phone?

One of the most crucial aspects of selling phones is determining the value of your product. There are numerous variables at play, and there is seldom a simple answer. Much of it is determined by supply and demand.

Wipe your old phone and return it to the box with all accessories; this will help you receive a better price.

To begin, clean your old phone with a clean cloth, ideally one that has been moistened with a disinfectant solution. It’s unnecessary, but it’s a good idea to clean off the dust and bacteria accumulated on the device’s surface. We assume you kept the phone box and all of the accessories that came with it when you bought it. Inside the box, place your phone and accessories. You’re now ready to sell it.

Good luck with your sales!

It’s critical to take your time, keep an eye out for shady characters, be honest, and always consider the best interests of all parties. We can practically guarantee that you’ll have a good time if you keep these things in mind. Even with all of these measures, there is always a chance that something may go wrong. It’s all about the dangers of selling phones! 

The wrapping up

In this summary, we conclude that this guide is beneficial if you’ve never sold anything before on the online marketplace, it can be a little scary. However, if you follow the steps outlined above, your old phone will be gone in no time. Buy Old Mobile Phones Online from the trusted site that is uSnapp, where you can get rat deals and sell and buy new and old phones. Regardless of which online platform you use to complete the transaction, make sure you’ve done your homework on their legitimacy.